Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random thought of the day

So I have been thinking a lot about all that we have been blessed with. Right now we are going through some changes. I realize every day how blessed we are. Some of the blessings that have come about from unemployment are: Realizing how much I truly love my husband and how much I enjoy spending time during the day with him. Getting the kids teeth all taken care of. YAY!!! That in itself is priceless. So grateful for our church and the programs established to help those in need. Spending more quality time with my sweet baby boy. Since I have been working close t0 40 hours a week, the time that I have off is spent holding my sweet colt. I have loved hanging out with my kids and watching DVD's with them. Trying new recipes w/ Wyatt. The kids also know they can talk him into making anything new and fun. Tonight they made chocolate covered potato chips. I love how much quality time Wyatt has been able to spend with the kids. I guess when you are faced with difficult trials it helps to see the good in all things. When we do find employment I will very much miss having my sweetheart around during the day.


Tracey said...

You are inspiring looking for the good!

Camille said...

You are an amazing woman! And your family is blessed to have you. Love you guys!

Grandma Smith said...

Wow Bonnie, What a positive outlook you have. I'm glad you're having wonderful experiences with your family and will continue to be a strong woman and nurturer. Love to you all. See you soon.